16 out of 18 squads bowled.

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Only 2 qualification squads are missing. We had 3 perfect games today s0 far from Marshall Kent (USA), Andreas Gripp (GER) and John Wells (ENG) The cut for top 52 is actual 1411 pins.

Joonas Jähi bowls 1545 in squad 10

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Impressive series with 1545 from Joonas Jähi in Squad 10.  His Games: 237-238-256-268-257-289!!! Liz Johnson was best women in that squad with 1437!

Shayna Ng from Singapore wins Squad 9

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Shayna Ng bowls a 1451 to win Squad 9. Mike Fagan ends 2nd in this squad with a 1441.

High scores in Squad 8 – winner Joachim Karlsson

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Joachim Karlson (SWE)  bowls the first 1500 in Squad 8. He takes the lead in overallstanding. In that squad also 7 more bowlers cracks the 1400! Daniel Fransson (SWE) bowled the first perfect game in this squad!